Courses / seminars

Advanced course for beginners

Who is a A crime or two B misdemeanor in the trial period, you must complete an advanced seminar.
Who has a driver's license test and caught in A violation or two B violations in the trial period, extended his probationary period from two to four years.
Some A misdemeanor at a glance:
• Hit-and-run
• Drunk driving
Run red light
Endangered other road users when turning off
• When turning, reversing another endangered
• Too short a distance to the vehicle in front
• In the rain without light shuts
Cover plate with foil
• Violation of the Rechtsfahrgebot
• Despite overtaking outdated
The advanced seminar has the following conditions:
• Four theoretical lessons à 135 minutes
• A drive of at least 30 minutes per person, between the first and the second
• Academic session must take place
The aim of the building seminar:
• In the extension seminar be offenses in the Group discussed and sought solutions to avoid future.
Class hours:
Tuesday & Thursday: 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr